Bladder infection

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Bladder infections mainly but not only affect women. What treatments are there?

Women are especially affected by bladder infections. They often suffer from them for several years. The infections cause pain and complications. They are always on the lookout for new treatments.

What are bladder infections and what causes them?

The most common cause of urinary tract infections are bacteria. They are often carried from the anus – where they exist naturally – to the urinary tract, which is naturally germ-free. There, they are able to spread, which causes infections. Typical symptoms are a frequent urge to urinate and pain, when urinating. The body has a few protective mechanisms. One comparatively simple, but very important process is urinating in itself. This cleanses the urinary tract, which prevents germs from establishing themselves. For women, the sour environment of the vagina also serves as a barrier against bacteria.

Why do mainly women suffer from bladder infections?

This is mainly due to the urinary tract. The female urinary tract is only two-and-a-half to four centimeters long, the male urinary tract, in comparison, amounts to around twenty centimeters. In the case of women, the cause of infections, such as bacteria, have to travel much shorter distances to the bladder. Furthermore, the opening of the urinary tract is closer to the anus in women. This is, where most of the bacteria exist, which cause bladder infections.

What increases the likelihood of bladder infections?

  • Frequent sexual intercourse
  • Some contraceptive methods, such as diaphragms or spermicides
  • Longer urinary catheters
  • Diabetes
  • Weak immune systems
  • Dysfunctional urination
  • Pregnancy
  • Incorrect intimate hygiene

What treatments are there?

An uncomplicated urinary tract infection can be treated well and usually heals without consequences. However, this illness tends to reoccur. Sometimes it even becomes chronic. As a first treatment, antibiotics are given. The aim is to remove the germ, which is causing the infection. Other useful treatment options are

  • Pain or cramp relievers
  • Organic film + propolis + hibiscus products
  • Cranberry supplements
  • Bladder teas

Your physician will decide, whether you require antibiotics, or whether an alternative treatment, such as the organic film product with hibiscus and propolis, cranberry supplements or bladder teas are sufficient.

Tips for urinary tract infections?

You can prevent urinary tract infections by adhering to the following tips

  • Drink a lot! – at least one-and-a-half to two liters a day
  • Don’t hold back! Always go to the toilet immediately
  • Empty your bladder properly! Relax when urinating and do not press
  • Wear warm clothes!
  • Eat healthily!

Women can especially prevent urinary tract infections, by carrying out the following hygiene measures for their own protection

  • Don’t use soap, intimate wash lotions etc. when washing intimate areas
  • Always wipe from the front to the back, not the other way around, after stool evacuation
  • Do not practice unprotected vaginal intercourse after anal or oral intercourse
  • Do not use coated condoms, diaphragms or vaginal uvulas
  • Urinate as soon as possible after intercourse

Utipro plus in order to treat and prevent bladder infections

One of the new treatments available is Utipro-plus. This is

  • An innovative treatment in capsule form in order to control and prevent urinary tract infections
  • A medication product based on organic film + hibiscus + propolis

How do I use Utipro Plus?

  • In order to relieve first symptoms quickly
    2 x 1 capsule for 5 days
  • In order to prevent repeated urinary tract infections
    1 Capsule/ day for at least 15 days/month. It is recommended to continue the treatment over several months.

Utipro plus can be obtained in your local pharmacy.



Please consult these package instructions, your physician or pharmacist in regards to effects and possible side effects of this medical product.