Medicine to feel well again
Montavit – Tradition since 1945

Founded on November 16th, 1945 by Daniel Swarovski and Dr. Alfred Fröhlich with Dr. Albin Mayr as Operations Manager.

1951 First antihistamine production in Austria
1971 First anaesthetising catheter gel in the world  as a sterile single-use form: Cathejell
1986 Patent for steam-sterilised catheter gel: Cathejell
1996 100% acquisition of Chepharin in Klagenfurt as a contract laboratory producing solid  forms including carbon tablets
1999 Foundation of sales subsidiaries in Bulgaria and Russia
2004 Foundation of a sales subsidiary in Ukraine
2005 New building in Absam and concentration of all production activities in Absam
2006 Foundation of sales subsidiaries in Romania and Serbia
2011 Extension building for research laboratories and production
2013 Next family generation, Katherina Schmidt join the management