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At the present point in time, there are no confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 amongst the employees at Montavit, and so we are operating entirely as normal. In order to maintain operations for as long as possible, the Management team at Montavit is demonstrating strategic foresight and staying in constant contact with our Quality Assurance department as well as with the regional health authorities. Adopting a dynamic Risk Management approach, the Management team is assessing the situation daily, in particular with regard to optimising personal hygiene and protection against infection.

After reducing the number of visits to Montavit from our customers, service technicians and auditors to an absolute minimum from the outset almost four weeks ago, and after cancelling all Sales Force appointments, we initiated further, extensive infection prevention measures 2 weeks ago. Operationally, more and more of our employees are now working from home. This serves to safeguard against a potential personnel shortage, with these members of staff acting as functional backups. We have also established a strict shift-based and cohort-based model in the work force to minimise the in-house intermingling of employees that happens during meetings, breaks and working hours. All of these measures made necessary by the current situation serve to protect our employees and keep them safe and well. In addition to this, our top priority is for Montavit to be able to continue producing, releasing and supplying the medicines and medical devices necessary for ensuring the supply of such products.


To this end, we have received strategically important feedback from the Austrian health authority that Montavit is being rated as a systemically important company, meaning that we will be able to ensure the production of medicines should quarantine measures or curfews be implemented. At present, not only the continued production of the catheter lubricant Cathejell is particularly important – we are operating at full capacity in order to meet worldwide demands (which will increase further as intensive care units fill up), but also the production of Tavipec and Taviforte, which are being used more and more at the moment for acute respiratory tract infections (usually viral diseases).