Cynarix coated tablets

Medicine to feel well again

Cynarix Dragees

More and more people are suffering from indigestion. Bloating, heartburn, abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, constipation and flatulence are the most commonly described symptoms. Mother Nature has an excellent remedy on hand for this: The artichoke.

When do you use Cynarix Dragees, and what do Cynarix Dragees do?

Cynarix is a traditional herbal medicine containing an extract of artichoke leaves.

Cynarix is used to relieve indigestion symptoms such as bloating, nausea, eructation (belching) and flatulence. Cynarix Dragees are used in adults and adolescents over 12 years.

What do Cynarix Dragees contain?

1 dragee contains 55 mg of dry extract of artichoke leaves

How do you take Cynarix Dragees?

Take 1 to 2 coated tablets 3 times a day by swallowing whole with sufficient liquid (e.g. 1 glass of water).

The benefits of Cynarix Dragees at a glance

  • Herbal remedy
  • Stimulation of the bile flow
  • Protection and regeneration of the liver
  • Promotion of the detoxification function

For the effects and possible adverse effects, please consult the patient information leaflet (package insert) or talk to your doctor or pharmacist. The use of this traditional herbal medicine to relieve digestive problems is based solely on many years of experience.