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Glycerin Montavit

suppositories for constipation

Glycerin Montavit suppositories help bowel evacuation in several ways:

  • Mild remedy for constipation (also suitable for infants and children)
  • The defecation reflex is triggered through contact with the rectal lining. Glycerin has stool-softening effects and provides a certain lubricant effect, thereby making it easier to pass stools
  • The suppositories make it easier to pass stools if you are bedridden and soften the stools if you have painful anal complaints, e.g. haemorrhoids andpainful tears in the anal lining (anal fissures)

The suppositories shape is largely maintained as it does not melt and therefore exits the rectum in almost unchanged form during a bowel movement
The product can be used during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Insert the suppository into the anus. The onset of action is within one hour.

over-the-counter | available only in pharmacies

Glycerin Montavit 1g, 10 suppositories
Glycerin Montavit  2g, 10 suppositories
Glycerin Montavit  3g, 10 suppositories

  • One 1 g suppository contains 0.8 g anhydrous glycerin
  • One 2 g suppository contains 1.6 g anhydrous glycerin
  • One 3 g suppository contains 2.4 g anhydrous glycerin

Other ingredients: stearic acid, sodium hydroxide, water.

  • One 1g glycerin suppository for infants and young children
  • One 2g glycerin suppository for children and adults
  • One 3g glycerin suppository for adults in persistent cases
You can download the following information:

For further information on safe use, precautions, interactions and undesirable effects please refer to the instructions for use or to a medical doctor or a pharmacist. The product information is referring to the current Austrian approval.

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