Tasectan DUO tablets

Stops diarrhoea and strengthens the gut’s defences with tyndallised lactic acid bacteria

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Advantages of Tasectan Duo at a glance

Tasectan Duo – for the special needs of the intestine

  • Stops acute diarrhoea quickly
  • Strengthens the gut’s defences
  • Protects the intestinal mucosa with a protective film
  • Neutralises diarrhoea pathogens
  • Eliminates diarrhoea pathogens through cell renewal
  • Free from lactose, fructose, gluten, yeast, soy
  • Free for sale in your pharmacy
  • for adults

NEW – Tasectan Duo with inactivated lactic acid bacteria:

STOPS acute diarrhoea and STRENGTHENS the gut’s defences

When your digestion is out of kilter, nothing’s right: All the unpleasant symptoms more or less put you out of action. You have to get your hands on an effective diarrhoea treatment quickly – it should be able to get rid of the cause of the diarrhoea, help the body eliminate germs and allow it to regenerate itself this way.

When do you use Tasectan Duo and what does Tasectan Duo cause?

Tasectan DUO is used to treat acute diarrhea and to prevent dysbiosis (= disturbance of the intestinal flora) in connection with diarrhea.

The main causes of a disrupted gut microflora are antibiotics treatment or risk factors such as malnutrition, old age, diabetes / metabolic syndrome and stress.¹ The consequence is often the occurrence of longer lasting diarrhea.

An important goal is to nip diarrhoea in the bud – and to do this, the gut’s defences must be strengthened. The new Tasectan Duo is based on this innovative approach.


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Tasectan DUO contains gelatin tannate which protects the intestinal mucosa and ensures rapid symptom control as well as a mixture of tyndallized lactic acid bacteria which strengthens the defenses of the intestine and ensures a rapid restoration of the optimal, physiological conditions of the gut.


Erwachsene: 1 bis 2 Tabletten alle 4 bis 6 Stunden, bis die Symptome abklingen.
Tabletten mit Wasser einnehmen.

For further information on safe use, precautions, interactions and undesirable effects of this medical device please refer to the product information leaflet, consult a medical physician or pharmacist. The product information is referring to the current Austrian approval.

Tasectan DUO is a medical device. It is not absorbed and has no pharmacological, metabolic effect due to the purely physical-mechanical mechanism of actio


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  2. Franceschi F. et al., Management of acute dyarrhea: current and future trends. European Review of Medical and Pharmacological Services. 2014; 18: 2065-206

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