coated tablets

Herbal medicinal product for falling asleep

Packshot Valemont

Herbal medicinal product for falling asleep

Packshot Valemont


Traditional plant-derived medicinal product for treatment of falling asleep and staying asleep. It improves

  • falling asleep
  • staying asleep
  • awaking too early


For dry extracts of valerian root after oral intake, it has been proven that length of sleep and quality of sleep improved.
Valerian root extract acts centrally on the GABA receptors and peripherally through relaxing the smooth muscles.


over the counter | available only in pharmacies

Active ingredient

1 coated tablet contains: 300mg dry extract of valerian root (Valeriana officinalis)


1 – 2 coated tablets, 30 min to 1 hour before going to bed, as many as 4 coated tablet daily, to be taken with sufficient amount of alcohol-free liquid

Length of treatment: 2 weeks. Consult your doctor if the symptoms continue or get worse.

You can download the following information:

For information about the effects and the potential side effects of this product, please consult your doctor, your pharmacist or the information and instructions for use in the package. The product information is referring to the current Austrian approval.

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