Linoladiol Emulsion

emulsion for application in vagina

Packshot Linoladiol

emulsion for application in vagina

Packshot Linoladiol

Therapeutic indications

Linoladiol is an oestradiol-containing emulsion for application in the vagina.

Linoladiol belongs to a group of medicinal products whose use is referred to as hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

It is used to relieve post-menopausal discomfort in the vagina, such as dryness or irritation. The medical term is “vaginal atrophy”. It is caused by a decline in oestrogen levels in your body. This happens naturally after menopause.

Linoladiol works by replacing the oestrogen normally produced in the ovaries of women. It is introduced into your vagina so that the hormone is released where it is needed. This can relieve the discomfort in the vagina.

Linoladiol is not a contraceptive.

Active ingredient

Oestradiol (also referred to, particularly in the US, as estradiol or E2) is a female sex hormone. It belongs to the hormone group of oestrogens (estrogens). It is identical to the oestradiol produced in the ovaries of women.

Package size

Tube of 25 g with applicator


Prescription-only | Available only in pharmacies

For the effects and possible adverse effects, please consult the patient information leaflet (package insert) or talk to your doctor or pharmacist.  The product information is referring to the current Austrian approval.

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