Tasectan powder

Also for children under 3 years – stops diarrhoea quickly and gently

Packshot Tasectan Pulver

Also for children under 3 years – stops diarrhoea quickly and gently

Packshot Tasectan Pulver

The benefits of Tasectan at a glance

Tasectan – improves acute diarrhoea symptoms quickly and reliably

  • Stops acute diarrhoea quickly
  • Protects the intestinal mucosa with a protective film
  • Neutralises diarrhoea pathogens
  • Eliminates diarrhoea pathogens through cell renewal
  • Free from lactose, fructose, gluten, yeast, soy
  • Free for sale in your pharmacy
  • also for children under 3 years

For acute diarrhoea: Protects, neutralises, eliminates

There are various factors that cause diarrhoea, and they range from infectious diseases to food intolerances and functional disorders. In most causes, it is caused by bacteria or viruses.
An intact intestinal barrier is decisive for all diarrhoeal diseases. It is organised as a multi-layer system and offers a complex defence system.¹ In case of diarrhoea, the intestinal barrier loses its important natural protective function.²

How do you use Tasectan and how does Tasectan work?

Tasectan (ingredient: gelatin tannate) is a mucoprotector (protects the mucous membranes) and is meanwhile an established and popular anti-diarrhoeal agent available in all Austrian pharmacies.
Tasectan protects the intestinal mucosa with a protective film and restores its normal function.


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Tasectan contains gelatin tannate which protects the intestinal mucosa and ensures fast symptom control.
Tasectan contains no lactose, gluten, yeast or soy.


Due to its favourable safety profile, Tasectan can be taken by adults as well as by children of all ages.

  • Children under the age of 3 years: 1 sachet every 6 hours until the symptoms subside.
  • Children aged 3 and over: 1 or 2 sachets every 6 hours until the symptoms subside.
  • Adults: 1 to 2 capsules every 4 to 6 hours until the symptoms subside.

For further information on safe use, precautions, interactions and undesirable effects of this medical device please refer to the product information leaflet, consult a medical physician or pharmacist. The product information is referring to the current Austrian approval.

Tasectan ist ein Medizinprodukt. Es wird nicht absorbiert und hat aufgrund des rein physikalisch-mechanischen Wirkmechanismus keine pharmakologische, metabolische Wirkung.


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