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Nagging cough, runny nose & fever

Typical symptoms of a viral respiratory tract infection can be a nagging cough, a runny nose and fever. Variations in temperature, which come with the changing of the seasons, can also encourage a viral infection. What counts now is rapid help from the inside: with their broadleaved lavender essential oil, Taviforte Capsules free the airways & kick start the self-cleaning mechanism!

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Taviforte promotes expectoration by liquefying viscous and stuck mucus, and activates the removal of germs and pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, pollen and fine dust. Taviforte boosts the body’s immune defences and helps it to fight infection.

Austrian herbal power– from your pharmacy.

For the effects and possible adverse effects, please consult the patient information leaflet (package insert), or talk to your doctor or pharmacist.


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Medicine to feel well again

From the Tyrol out into the whole world: for more than 75 years, as a family-owned pharmaceutical company in Absam now in the third generation, we have been researching, developing and producing products to help people feel well again. Our main areas of activity are urology, gynaecology, treatment of allergies and the field of herbal remedies. Customers around the world place their trust in the reliable efficacy of the products. For example, our own products are obtainable in more than 60 countries internationally and our in-house production facilities have been manufacturing for numerous well-known companies for decades.

We look forward to you getting to know us.


Our focus from the outset: better treatment options

The DNA of Montavit: since1945, understanding problems involved in developing innovative solutions has been at the heart of our self- identity and all our activities. This striving towards new treatment options is the DNA of Montavit – translated in our in-house research, development and up-to-the minute products with a day-by-day uncompromising search for answers to restoring health, relieving suffering and making medical treatments more pleasant for patients. Our objective: permanently and thus sustainably improving well-being and quality of life.

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We set priorities – and standards

As a leading and independent health company in Austria, we have specialised in therapeutic areas and clinical pictures which cause great suffering for those affected. Especially in urology, we are regarded as a world pioneer in sterile anaesthetic lubricants for use in catheter placement or in other urethral interventions.

Our products are answers to the challenges of modern medicine, the latest scientific findings and the special needs of patients. They stand for reliability, efficacy and completely new, innovative treatment approaches and are therefore in many cases lifelong companions.



From the raw material to the finished medicinal product: for decades, physicians, pharmacists and consumers have placed their trust in the good quality of our products which satisfy the highest international standards. Safety for which we stand with our name.

We invite you to feel well again: take a little time and inform yourself here about our products and therapy areas and ask your physician or pharmacist about the products of Montavit.